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Acupuncture Birmingham AL - Giving the Most Effective Therapy

Acupuncture is considered an effective health care treatment that has stood the test of time for thousands of years. Modern science and research have been paying closer attention to the latest surgeries and medications, and that some time-tested form of health care has been overlooked. Acupuncture can treat many conditions on its own, but we can also combine it with other treatment programs for the best result. The experts at Acupuncture Birmingham have been practicing the safe and effective medical system for years now.

How Does Acupuncture Work?


These days, we are exposed to various toxins coming from our surroundings. That is why we must take care of our bodies the best way we can. There are different explanations for acupuncture, but all lead to the fact that acupuncture adapts our bodies to our environments. After thousands of years of studies, various points across the body have been located, which they deem to impact our bodies' overall physiology significantly. Our experts will place fine needles on some spots with Acupuncture Birmingham to stimulate different angles of your immune, hormonal, and endocrine systems. These needles will stimulate these systems to release several hormones, neurotransmitters, and natural pain killers. Some of the known effects after undergoing acupuncture are:

  • Fewer muscles spasms and pain

  • Lessening swelling at various points through the body

  • A general reduction in pain

  • A reduction in illnesses due to stimulation of the immune system

  • Lower levels of back and neck pain

  • Fewer headaches

  • Improved digestion

  • Better sleep

  • Fewer injuries during recreational sports

  • Women report fewer gynecological issues

What To Expect During The Treatment

Before your acupuncture session, you must know that the needles used are very different from the typical needles used in a regular hospital. And you are probably wondering if you will feel anything. You might feel little or nothing at all while our Acupuncture Birmingham specialist is placing the needles, and, according to our patients, this treatment is capable of providing a relaxing and calm experience.

During your first visit, our staff will start by gathering history and performing a thorough examination. After analysis, our experts will determine the problematic areas to develop a personalized treatment plan. They will place sterilized needles, and patients can then rest for 30 to 45 minutes during treatment. In some cases, we can also combine acupuncture with other therapies, such as massage, cold packs, or moist heat. Expect your first visit to last for around an hour.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

In the western world, medicine is equivalent to dealing with illness and diseases. However, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) focuses more on achieving health and wellbeing by enhancing harmony within our lives as it believes that balance delivers wellbeing, health, and sustainability. At the same time, disharmony causes illness, disease, and collapse.

TCM is based on the Chinese theory of "Qi," or vital energy. Acupuncture is a Traditional Chinese Medicine where filiform, fine needles are inserted through the skin, targeting specific body points to manipulate Qi. These needles are solid and made of stainless steel, gold, or silver. Qi's circulation has what is called the Jing Luo channel, where acupuncture is based. When Qi penetrates every part of the body, it collects and travels along these channels or meridians of acupuncture. The Jing Luo channel system is responsible for connecting all aspects of the body to a single energetic communication network. As Qi flows through the body, it follows its folds and creases, collects small hollows and depressions, and forms Qi pools.

To know more about our efficient therapy, you may talk to one of our experts at Acupuncture Birmingham!