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Are you suffering from severe symptoms like back pain, neck pain, and headaches? And you have tried pain medications, but they are not enough? Trust our chiropractic adjustments Birmingham to help you solve some or all of your symptoms.

Our chiropractors will conduct a procedure where they will physically adjust the vertebrae in your back. This procedure is considered to have several actual positive results without any surgery or other intense methods. You might be wondering if a chiropractic adjustment is suitable for you, so we have listed here some of the best benefits of getting chiropractic adjustments Birmingham.


When chiropractic care and physical remedy fail, many sufferers turn to therapeutic injections. Unfortunately, these injections might not provide permanent relief, so some patients fear that surgical operation may be their only long-term solution. Spinal decompression remedies can help some patients forestall or delay spinal surgery, including spinal fusions or discectomy surgeries. Many of our patients are startled by how well this nonsurgical treatment alleviates their lower back pain. Some sufferers even journey remedy after just one session, even though ongoing care is usually required for the most acceptable benefits. Decompression therapy works through gently stretching your spine, giving herniated discs a danger of slipping lower back into their supposed slots. If your body holds these modifications instead of rejecting them, you can also not need surgery.

  • Headache Relief

    Back pain and spinal problems are some of the causes of both tension and migraine headache. Back misalignment is also the reason for muscle tension and pain, the reason for more headaches and migraines. Chiropractors can treat not only back pain but also headache. Studies on alignment chiropractic Birmingham has shown that it can effectively provide headache relief.

  • Lessen Neck and Lower Back Pain

    Chiropractic care is known to provide neck and lower back pain relief. It is said that more than 70% of people will experience some lower back pain in their lifetime. Some will rely on medications and surgeries to cure this sort of pain, which can be expensive and ineffective. Adjustment back pain treatment can reduce your back and neck pain through non-invasive methods. Chiropractic care is also more affordable than other techniques in treating back pain.

  • Control Blood Pressure

    Chiropractic adjustment also has the same effect as medications for people suffering from high blood pressure. It is also believed that the outcome or effect of the adjustment can persevere for six months. Our patients have asked for our help as they find that some high blood pressure medications have side effects such as nausea, dizziness, fatigue, anxiety, and even weight loss.

  • Reduce Inflammation

    Inflammation is considered one of the top reasons for pain as well as joint tissues and tension. When you are suffering from a disease such as heart disease, chronic pain, and cancer, it might be linked to chronic inflammation. Chiropractic adjustments Birmingham have been proven to help reduce inflammation, resulting in relief of joint pain, reduced muscle tension, and lower back pain relief. Once you reduce the inflammation, your risk of developing diseases linked to high inflammation also decreases.

  • Boost Athletic Performance

    To get your body in top shape, chiropractors can help you reduce inflammation, pain, and other related conditions. Athletes are the ones who come to our clinic and ask for treatment since they depend on their bodies to do their job. Alignment chiropractic Birmingham can lessen pain and tension brought about by sports and activity. It can also boost the immune system and reduce inflammation, helping athletes increase their performance.

  • Help Treat Scoliosis

    Having scoliosis means having abnormal curvature of the spine. And this condition can cause abnormal posture, reduced range in motion, trouble breathing, and of course, pain. Chiropractic back adjustment, together with physical therapy, has been known to help treat patients with scoliosis.

  • Improvement in symptoms of neurological conditions

    It is also probable that chiropractic adjustments Birmingham can help increase the flow of blood to the brain, as well as cerebral spinal fluid. People suffering from neurological conditions, such as epilepsy and sclerosis, will mostly benefit from this treatment. Further studies are needed to find out what possible therapeutic applications can provide.

  • Reduce Vertigo or Dizziness

    Suffering from vertigo and dizziness can make someone do everyday tasks or even wake up feeling nauseous or disoriented. Head or neck injury can cause you to experience these conditions. Chiropractic adjustment and alignment chiropractic Birmingham can help spot joints and vertebrae that are not functioning correctly, reducing vertigo episodes.

To learn more about what Chiropractic Care AL can do for you, please visit our center or give us a call.