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Chiropractic Care AL has seen thousands of people who need relief for an array of ailments. They trust the chiropractors to address each individual's unique situation by using treatments such as joint manipulation, physical therapy, nutrition plan, and rehabilitation exercises. The top reasons they seek a chiropractor are headaches, low back pain, neck pain, muscle pain, joint pain, and stiffness.

If you or someone you know are suffering from these symptoms, a chiropractor can help you through spine alignment and various manipulations. Our doctors will conduct a physical examination at your first visit and ask for a health history that focuses on the spine and see if you have a normal bone density. For patients with a lower level of bone density, gentler treatments will be applied. The experts at Chiropractic Care AL will use their hands to implement controlled and rapid force to a problematic or injured joint. This treatment will allow the joint to move in a regular way, reducing pain and inflammation.


Another procedure is the high-velocity cervical adjustment. The patient will relax their head in the chiropractor's hands, who will then quickly thrust the head in one direction, which can sometimes create a cracking sound. A patient can also opt for a gentler treatment, which is the low-velocity cervical adjustment. If you suffer from headaches, such as migraine and tension, our chiropractic care can give headache relief since chiropractor can target nerve irritation. Patients also consider spinal manipulations more effective and more affordable than other medications or treatments, such as physiotherapy or general practitioner care.

Chiropractic Care Techniques

  • Gonstead Technique is a method that helps reduce stiffness and pain, increase mobility, and realign joints. This technique corrects areas of subluxation with precise adjustment.

  • Graston Technique is a method where a doctor needs a unique tool to mobilize the soft tissues to identify areas where there is scar tissue producing pain.

  • Flexion-Distraction is a method widely used in Chiropractic Care Birmingham. This involves the execution of a segmented table that runs while a doctor adjusts the spine.

  • Thompson Technique is a technique where patients will be put on a unique table that drops for about an inch when a chiropractor uses quick thrusts to make an adjustment.

  • Soft Tissue Therapy uses a series of tools to relieve back and neck pain. This clinical massage includes nerve pain release techniques, trigger point therapy, muscle energy techniques, Swedish massage techniques, and other massage chiropractic Birmingham techniques.

Massage chiropractic Birmingham therapy has been existing for a while now. This kind of massage focuses on the spine and central nervous system. It deals with a vast scope that can further heal the body. Our nervous system, being the body's internal communication system, needs to function correctly. In doing so, chiropractic massage can persuade and remind these little and delicate portions of the human body how to work properly.

Massage therapy can help us feel relaxed after a stressful day or strenuous activity. Massage chiropractic Birmingham offers massage therapy combined with medical care that targets the spine and body as a unit. We strive to heal our patients naturally by focusing on the smallest part of their body.

Active Release Technique Birmingham or A.R.T. is a chiropractic treatment that deals with the body's soft-tissue system. This is not your traditional chiropractic treatment as it uses movement similar to massage therapy, targeting problematic nerves, muscles, fascia, tendons, and ligaments, or what we would normally call soft-tissues. These soft-tissues are also considered a common source of inflammation and pain in which an ordinary chiropractic adjustment can not heal. A.R.T. work by targeting the source of pain or discomfort so they can focus on providing relief and treatment.

Chiropractors using Active Release Technique Birmingham only focused on treating soft tissues. Thereby other conditions, such as joint dysfunction, adhesions, overused muscles, and even surgeries caused by inflammation or pain, can be treated.

To learn more about what Chiropractic Care AL can do for you, please visit our center or give us a call.