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Posture Corrector Birmingham AL - Setting Your Back Straight

Having poor posture is one of the primary reasons many of our patients come to Posture Corrector Birmingham. They want to achieve good posture since they have a poor one, but they are unsure where to start. Some of the options are - exercises, stretches, braces, or treatment.

Fortunately, our team is the best to provide the best solutions for you. We will begin by first looking for the exact spot causing the problem. Our Posture Corrector Birmingham specialists will then fix and adjust the spine alignment. This treatment will also allow you to engage the muscles that have been overcompensating for a long time.

As part of our program, you will also be given guidance and tips on how to execute a management and care plan that you can do at home. We guarantee that with proper implementation and our support, you will continue having a good posture for the years to come.

Consequences Of Having Poor Posture

Having poor posture has many consequences. It contributes to several neck and back conditions. Poor posture can consistently extend to your soft tissues and joints, adjusting to the new normal. Once this is the case, making corrections will be more difficult, especially if it has been going on for a more extended period. Some of the outcomes of having poor posture include:

  • Sensitivity and back pain

  • Difficulty in mobility

  • Lessened flexibility

  • Recurring injuries in sport as a result of muscle irregularities or weakness

  • Stiff joints

  • Core muscle deficiency leading to lack of self-control

  • Tight joints or muscles in the chest, shoulder, and hip areas

What Chiropractors Care Can Do

Chiropractic care is an essential measure for the initial diagnosis and handling of poor posture and rounded shoulders. A good management plan is vital to achieving balanced wellbeing. Posture Corrector Birmingham offers the best exercise plan needed to restore the right muscles. This plan is guaranteed to make your posture stay in an appropriate position, which can minimize the risk of returning to your previous bad habits when it comes to posture.

Your First Treatment

The first posture correction procedure usually lasts up to thirty minutes. Should you wish to have it done right after your evaluation, you can inform our specialist. Our patients have told us that they experience results even at the very start of treatment. Our chiropractors' tender yet efficient alignment procedures are soothing enough for children and restore function and movement for athletes and elders alike.

Posture Corrector Exercise

The solution to correcting poor posture is to follow a good posture exercise. It includes stretching and strengthening the upper chest, back, and core muscles. There are shoulder strengtheners such as a scapula that squeeze and row. On the other hand, core strengtheners include contracting the abdominal muscles and stretching your navel to your spine.

Supine means the position of your body when you lie on your back, facing up; the side of your stomach is facing up while your backside is facing down. Supine posture is believed to help relieve low back pain. Your therapist will provide you with core stabilization exercises. When your muscles work less, they can maintain your posture while you position yourself against the force of gravity. Our Supine Posture Birmingham specialists can help relieve low back pain when you release the tension from your back. You need to assume the hook-up lying position, with knees bent and feet resting flat on the ground. As you breathe and relax, tensions in your muscles are drained out.

If you want to learn more about helpful exercises for your posture, you can always talk to one of our experts at Posture Corrector Birmingham.